Transparency Notice ​​

Special District Transparency Notice - 2020

pursuant to section 32-1-809, Colorado Revised Statutes 

Plateau Valley Fire Protection District

This information must be provided to the eligible electors of the district between November 16, 2019 and

January 15, 2020

Name of special district
Plateau Valley Fire Protection District

Address and telephone number of

district’s principal business office

49084 KE.5 Road  Mesa, CO  81643   970-268-5283  

Name & telephone number of primary

contact person for district

Chief Mike Lockwood                       970-268-5283

District's Website 

Time & place designated for Regular &

Pension board meetings

1. Plateau Valley Fire Station # 91  2004 Elm St.  Collbran, CO  81624
2. Plateau Valley Fire Station # 92 49084 KE.5 Road  Mesa, CO  81643

All Meetings Start @ 6:30pm unless posted differently

Posting place designated for

meeting notice

(as per §24-6-402(2)(c), C.R.S.)

1. P.V. Fire Station #91  2004 Elm St  Collbran, CO  81624

2. P.V. Fire Station #92  49084 KE.5 Road  Mesa, CO  81643

3.P.V. Fire Station #93   11265 54.7 Road  Molina, CO  81646

District mill levy
5.169 mills, for levy in year 2020

Total Ad Valorem tax revenue received by district during 2018

(Note if unaudited or otherwise incomplete.) 

$783,508.95 - unaudited

Names of board members 

 Dennis “Rod” Cadman               2022 Election

 Lee Burg                                   2020  Election   

 Kathy L. Harris                          2022  Election


 Ken Anderson                            2020 Election


 Dole Burt                                  2020  Election


Date of next regular electionMay 5, 2020
Notice completed by:

Name:  Camile Hisel

Title:  Administrative Assistant


Notice Dated:  January 14, 2019

Some information herein may be subject to change.